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Mouse pointer works but icon selection doesn’t work

MapSource 6.16 Software Decryption

Download MapSource USA TOPO basemap patch block
Please note: Please
This only applies to versions associated with the Topo USA option in MapSource. This will not affect the new MapSource product.
Removed fragmented map layout for Minnesota Northern Region to prevent many MapSource data from reporting serious errors when rendered in that segment.
Download (2.20 MB)

Download (57.05 MB)


  • WARNING! This software will not work if you already have a MapSource product.
  • This version of MapSource no longer supports Windows 98, Windows Me, Windows NT, and Windows 2000. Mapsource now requires Windows XP with Services or 3 above.
  • This is a quick note about the shuai test.
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    History From Changes

    How do I fix my cursor problem?

    Update the mouse in addition to the keyboard drivers;
    Update video driver;
    disable biometric devices;
    disable anti-virus software;
    Run hardware troubleshooter;
    Update your touchpad drivers.

    Changes from version 6.16.2 to version 6.16. 3:

  • Fixed some display issues with maps and (marks 22s 71s names in highways).
  • Fixed walkway.
  • Fixed other routing issues. With
  • Fixed an issue with finding nearby waypoints.
  • Fixed custom vertical profile settings (right-click the profile in use).
  • Fixed an issue with point waypoint selection (waypoints are not selected if previously selected to track them).
  • Fixed a MapSource bug where traditional settings could not be saved correctly.
  • Removed a problem with the editing process.
  • Sorting by the number of problems on the Routes tab has been fixed.
  • Fixed issue with breakpoints.
  • Fixed localization polish issue.
  • MapSource is more resistant to untested mapping products.
  • Plan changes from 6.16.1 to 6.16.2:

  • Improved systematization of invalid GPX files from devices.
  • Improved handling of missing components. mapsource now often displays a missing component message.
  • Number of most used files changed from 4 to 10. None
  • fixed some translated strings.
  • Fixed issue with saving with gpx to and from dxf Dutch localization.
  • Fixed routing issues with third-party mapping products.
  • Some of these other routing issues have been fixed. A
  • Fixed an issue where the wrong map source was saving icon parameter sizes for.
  • Fixed an issue with waypoints deleting points from the mapShruta.
  • Fixed issue with map display.
  • Correct display of ampersands on the map.
  • Fixed a bug due to which waypoints were created for certain objects.
  • Changes released between 6.15.11 and 6.16.1:

  • Added support for 64-bit USB printer driver.
  • General descriptions of additional functions (without “unknown” markings).
  • Added support for importing corresponding numbers from TCX files.
  • Added icon size selection very, then small very large.change
  • To address waypoints and just add phone number information.
  • New Zealand TM grid added.
  • Added display of the total length of all selected tracks/routes in the header line. Numeric.
  • sort music routes, and added waypoints.
  • Added the ability to send error reports directly to Garmin in case of more quality failure.
  • Resolved memory issues when running MapSource Windows in 7.
  • Improved map projection for manyOther cartographic products.
  • Speed ​​improvement related to the Done step when migrating to SD card data.
  • The mouse wheel function has been changed to zoom in and out.
  • A way to avoid closing. The word “seasonal” has been changed to “date and closing” time. MapSource now routes closed roads by time of day and season as if this bypass option were not enabled.
  • Change the transition point symbol from small to a black dot.
  • Fixed: Various subcategories in categories, as well as affected search operations and specific display of categories, POIs, subcategories and.Auto.
  • Some routing quirks have been fixed.
  • Fixed: remembering the category when searching in the “Find Nearest” dialog box.
  • Fixed issues with file as” “Save” dialog box (some versions overwrote existing files without asking).
  • Fixed some issues with the Swedish network.
  • Fixed an issue with finding an address if the name is a major city.
  • Fixed dropout Voice in mixed cases when transferring certain quantity routes from USB devices.
  • Fixed a bug related to the refresh dialog, avoid to select.
  • Fixed a problem with the update search level.
  • Fixed an issue where the word field was not correctly creating an exit waypoint in view results.
  • Fixed a bug that could not move the “Exit” device to resource storage.
  • Changes from 6.15.7 to 6.15.11:

  • Improved custom performance elements for.
  • Make sure geotagged photo waypoints don’t cause MapSource to crash.
  • Allows you to import more unlock codes than export. Of course modifications
  • Fitness center updates are distributed without the restart application.
  • GPX files from imported phone numbers could no longer be written to. It’s definitely fixed now.
  • Added support for extended security package.
  • Unlock problem solved .6-level
  • Implementing Asian address search
  • Improved haircut performance for little Asians.
  • Modification cards from theme 6.15.6 to 6.15.serious 7:

  • Fixed an issue where maps could not be safely migrated to a non-English version of Windows. Size when
  • icon

  • reduced is set to use small characters.
  • Fixed an issue with campsite search in some new mapping products.
  • Changed from version 6.15.4, you can use .15. 6:

  • Fixed an issue with each of our save file dialogs when the extension ad bar was hidden.
  • Fixed an issue that caused MapSource to crash when displaying the Route Duplicate Prevention dialog.
  • Fixed an issue with the waypoint category filter. Now only waypoints of the selected league point are displayed.
  • Fixed waypoint prefixes.
  • Fixed a major new issue where MapSource was crashingtu when searching for specific addresses.leaks
  • Removed memory in all waypoint dialogs and when rendering from roadmaps.
  • Fixed an issue with saving GPX downloads when the file path contains Asian characters.
  • Fixed some issues with keyboard shortcuts.A
  • Fixed a bug when searching for certain points of interest.
  • Fixed a great issue where full unlock codes were being saved causing incompatibility with targets like Center Training.By.
  • Compatible with Brazilian Portuguese web link extensions.
  • The volume has been changed from the image of the waypoint to the size of the marker, the track selected by the user.
  • Changes since 6.15.3–6.15.4:

  • Fixed a bug where custom dot path characters were supposedly not set in the user’s current directory.