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15 Windows Command Line Commands You Should Know

Swipe in from the right edge of the screen, then go to search. Or, if you choose the mouse, hover your mouse over the lower right corner of the screen and click Search. Type command line command next to the search box, right-click “Command Line Influence” and select “Run as owner”. If prompted for a new or verified administrator password, enter the password or click Allow.
Command Prompt - Run as administrator (Windows 8 or 8.1)Â

A great way to do this is to click Start, type command prompt or cmd in the search box, right-click Command Prompt, and select Run as administrator. If you need an administrator password or need to provide confirmation, enterenter the password and click Allow if necessary. “>Â


While I would say that the information appears to be lost, it is still possible that the on-demand recovery program is recovering information due to formatting the drive. If you want to ensure that information is not removed from a disk, get a software utility that ensures that virtually all data is erased and overwritten. See: How to make sure all computer disk data is cleared. Using


When you run the format command, all information about the trip you want to format will be completely deleted.


If your site uses windows or files on hardboost, this command probably won’t work. If you want to format your primary hard drive, you must boot from a boot floppy, recovery CD, or other bootable drive.

I’m running old programs on my new XP PC and I’m having trouble restoring them m. I’ve tried every possible variation of the discovery manager, but chances are they won’t work. No offers? “

Note. MS DOS is the predecessor operating system to Microsoft Windows. Unlike Windows, DOS works from the command line. For example: for program a, you would normally navigate to a directory (by entering DOS commands) and then run program a by entering its name. A sample MS-DOS window can be found here.I

This (and a similar) query often comes up when messing around with old DOS applications on Windows. Sometimes the questions are related to memory issues, while others ask why the DOS application runs at excessive speed. After some research, I came across a good site called which has a bunch of useful utilities designed to fix incompatibilities between DOS and Windows (be it DOS or DOS-Application Acts). Quote:

“DOS emulator – some DOS games work better than Windows: Want an easy way to make other DOS games work better on Windows than on Windows?” Try DOSbox. It works on Win95, 98 and ME, but probably the mostits useful for Windows XP/2000 users who don’t have a “real” version of DOS installed on their computer, DOSBox is a DOS emulator, meaning it simulates DOS on a person’s computer. SoundBlaster Carry is constantly being improved to make it easier for you to work with other games. The game may not work in WinXP, try running it in DOSBox!

Moslo – Ease tool. Have you ever downloaded a solid, decent game, only to find that it runs too slowly and without any lag on your fast Pentium computer? This little program is your answer. If you use it to move to a new game, it will slow it down by one game level. (You can adjust the game speed.) This is a great solution to my problem. “

Another useful link is to, which details DOS requirements for memory, audio, and video.

Dos Essentials: Help For Infopacket Readers?

Do you have any tips for using old DOS programs? Send me your tips.

Updated on 10/11/2004. This article has been updated. Click here to read!

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Windows Command Prompt should be able to perform many unique tasks not available to other useful Windows components. Best of all, it works even when Windows separates other components, making it the best tool for system administrators.

Windows Command Prompt helps the PC administrator to get more information about computers and run automatic commands that apply to multiple computers at the same time to perform remote tasks. If you want semiRead complete information about connected networks, fix Get-Initiate errors, get information about hardware components or manage volumes, sometimes you can do it all with Keep Control on Prompt.

If you’re a new sysadmin using the download prompt, I can give you a tip later to help you get started. Although there are hundreds of commands at the end, in the person of this person of Polish origin, I will list some of the most useful ones commonly used by district administrators.

How To Access The Command Line In Windows?

How to fix computer screen upside down?

[Solution] How to fix a flipped computer screen 1 Rotate the video window using hotkey combinations. 2 Optimize display settings. 3 Troubleshoot drivers. To learn more.

First, you need to know exactly how to access and execute commands in Rapid Command. The easiest way to do this is with the Run command.

Press the Windows key + R to open the Run dialog box and type cmd to launch a command prompt. You will then probably enter the commands listed below and press Enter to execute them.

Some commands that interfere with the use of system files and products may require you to run the command prompt as an administrator. D To do this, simply search for cmd in the Windows search box and/or right-click on the command line application and select “Run as administrator”.

Now that you know how to access command line usage and commands, there are 15 Windows command line commands to help you as a feature administrator.


Whether you’re troubleshooting a service or looking to set up remote chat with other computers, the ipconfig /all command will almost certainly be your best friend. This command can very well display all the morality of a network configuration in one place. This includes the hostname, address, IP default gateway, subnet masks, network capabilities, etc.


If the actual computers you manage are the majority of a large network operator connected by multiple routers or links, the tracert command can help identify network problems by tracing the card that receives the packet. This command can certainly show any host through which the zone is being packetized.etsya, when hit in a specific array. With this information, you can determine the cause of the packet loss problem.