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How to move the taskbar to the bottom of the screen?

There are 2 methods available: 1. Right click on the taskbar, uncheck “Lock the taskbar”> you need to place the cursor on the edge of the taskbar, click and hold> drag it down> right click again, check the “Lock specific task bar”.

1. Right click on the main taskbar, uncheck “Lock the taskbar” > place the part of the cursor on the edge of any taskbar, click and hold > drag to the buttock > click to create a new one. Right-click and check the new “Lock the taskbar” checkbox. .

In Windows 7, the taskbar that contains the Start menu is currently located at the bottom of the screen by default. If you accidentally move the taskbar to the top or side of the screen, employees may have trouble seeing the inconvenient place. Time spent adjusting to a new natural position results in loss of productivity and gain. To return the taskbar to its original position, you must use the “Properties” menu. a” taskbar and start menu.

Select Below from the drop-down menu. You can then select the “On-Screen Taskbar Location”.

Click Apply to return to the taskbar at the bottom of the screen.

Question from Erwin S.: Last night my son used our own computer (Acer All-in-One Desktop with Windows 10) to play a game on the school website.

I must have made a mistake at some point, because when you turn on the computer here in the morning, I noticed that the exact taskbar had somehow shifted to the left of the screen.


At this point, I tried to move the taskbar to the bottom of the screen, but it didn’t move. It’s like being stuck on your left side. Can you tell me to put it back like Got it?

How do I restore the taskbar to the default ( bottom ) position?

To return it to its lower fallback position, do the following: Right-click an empty area on the taskbar and clear the Lock taskbar check box. Click the middle area created by the system tray (it should be a large empty area) and drag it to the bottom area by pressing the duck button and dragging it down.

Ricks Looks like the taskbar was moved but then locked in place, Erwin. If that were the case, then if it could be easily moved back, then it would normally fit in that spot on the screen. Just follow these steps:

How do I restore taskbar to bottom of screen?

Click on an empty bowl in the system tray. While holding down the primary mouse button, move the pointer to where you prefer the taskbar on the screen. For example, you would like the taskbar to be stacked vertically on the right side of the screen.

1 – Right click Click on an empty area of ​​the taskbar, then click here Lock the taskbar. This should disable markup validation and allow owners to move the taskbar around as they see fit.

Why does my bottom task bar disappear?

The taskbar is completely hidden at the end of the screen after resizing. Move the mouse pointer over the bottom of the TV. , click and drag up. If the taskbar does not hide at the bottom of the screen, try moving your mouse to the right, up and find the double arrow.

2 – Left-click an empty area of ​​the taskbar and drag it to the current bottom edge of the screen.

3 – Release the mouse button when the taskbar returns to the bottom of the screen.

4 Right-click again on the taskbar, and then click Lock taskbar. This should restore the checkmark and (hopefully) prevent accidental taskbar movement in most cases.

That’s all. The taskbar should now return to the bottom of the screen.

Extra Tip: If you’re looking for the best resource to help you get started with Windows 10, I use and recommend a great book called Windows 10 for Dummies.

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From 1995 to this day, the taskbar has been a central part of the Windows user interface. It can be described as a bar at the top of the screen that allows Windows users to launch and search for programs from the Start and Start Menu, or view any program currently open. However, you can rotate the taskbar to any side of the screen if you want this task to be on the left or in the most appropriate part, above or above the bottom line (default payment setting).

How to move the taskbar back to the bottom of screen?

To move your trusty taskbar to the screen, simply right-click on the new taskbar and uncheck “Lock taskbars only”. Then click on that particular taskbar and drag it down to a part of the screen. Let us know if you find this useful.

The taskbar is very useful for some users in many ways, for example:

1. It allows you to find different channels and tabs so that you can quickly open them just by clicking on their icon.

2. It also provides easy access to the exact “Start” and “Start Menu” when you can open any program available on your PC.

3. Other icons such as Wi-Fi, Calendar, Battery, Volume, etc. are also located on the far right corner of this taskbar.

4. You can easily add or haveRemove any application icon from the current taskbar.

5. To add an image to the taskbar, simply click on the application and select the “Pin to taskbar” option.

6. To unpin an application icon from the taskbar, simply right-click on the application icon pinned to a particular taskbar, then click Unpin next to tasks on the taskbar.

7. The search selector is also available in most cases on the taskbar, which you can use to search for any application, program or software.

8. With each new version of Windows operating systems released in this segment, the taskbar is getting better. For example, to find the latest version of a specific Windows operating system Windows 10, it has a Cortana search box, which is actually a new feature that was missing from the old version.

Most of these Windows users find it convenient to work with the taskbar at the bottom of the screen. But sometimes the taskbar moves to a different location for the following reasons:

  • Back panelh may not be locked, allowing it to move anywhere, and the user can accidentally click and drag the taskbar.
  • You may be moving something else, even if you clicked on the taskbar and dragged the taskbar instead.
  • Random bugs cause resulting taskbar to move
  • If your taskbar has moved from its default position and you’re having trouble getting it back to normal, don’t worry. Just save this information for reading so you know how easy it is to return the taskbar to its original position.

    Method 1: Dragging the taskbar

    How do I move my taskbar back to the bottom Windows 10?

    Right-click an empty space on the taskbar, and then click if you need to clear the Lock taskbar check box. To move the panFor tasks, it must be unlocked.
    Click and drag the taskbar up, down, or off the screen.