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Order BIOS

Order BIOS chip

Please read these instructions and then click below to open the order form.

Please DO NOT order in the hope that the new BIOS chip will be a solution for everyone. Through years of experience, we have determined that this is likely to be beneficial to you only under certain conditions:

1. Your computer is running and you want to update your BIOS without the risk of an update failure and for about a week without risking your computer.

2. Your computer will not start due to ANY of the following conditions:

A. BIOS update failed
B. A virus attack has been confirmed and you have replaced the hard drive or professionally cleaned it. If you don’t, the attack will continue.
C. After installing new hardware, such as memory module, processor, video card, network card, etc., all parts have been tested to ensure they work.
D. Overclocking CPU or FSB and CPU, video and memory is checked for correct operation.
E. After “optimizing” the CMOS settings

BEFORE ordering it is MANDATORY:

A. You have an AMI or AWARD biography or have already confirmed that we can help you. Please note that PHOENIX has received an AWARD and is adding his name to the AWARD biography. If the service pack contains a file named platform.bin, YOU MUST CONTACT US BEFORE ORDERING.
B. You know with 100% certainty what motherboard you have, version and speed.
C. You can provide a copy of the required BIOS image or provide us with the download URL.
E. If it is a NOTEBOOK, you removed the power-on password before the computer died.

No refunds will be issued when your order has been shipped. If you submit the wrong file the first time, we will reprogram your chip to your location at our normal shipping cost.

We sell 32-pin PLCCs or DIPs and can program DIPs with 40 pins or less for BIOS AMI and AWARD only.

We need a clean, organic look. The BIOS files provided for Phoenix, Compaq (rompaq) or IBM are not always complete images and we cannot support them without a copy of the actual image in the chip. Contact us and we can find the AWARD or AMI file that works for your board. The BIOS file is 128, 256, or 512 KB in size. Some companies like AOPEN and Compaq provide BIOS and Flash utility in a single exe file. We won’t be able to flash them unless we extract the regular BIOS file.

If you want to email us the BIOS file, it must be binary (128KB, 256KB or 512KB, usually a ROM or bin file) or compressed. Send us an order confirmation and attach the file. We do not accept exe files.

If you have any questions, please contact us BEFORE ordering. ensures that the BIOS code you provide is contained in the BIOS feature chip sent to you. does not guarantee that the BIOS chip will restore your computer.

Maybe you don’t need us at all. Check out the FAQ page first!