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BIOS flashing for those who live in Europe or manage to send packets there. It offers very inexpensive reprogramming and fast service. It also offers TSOP chip reprogramming service.

Weems biography

A great website to start looking for help. Wim has pretty much everything you need to know about BIOS.

Technical information about electronic machines

Specifically for upgrading eMachines desktops.

Motherboard Identification Forum

Can’t figure out which motherboard you have? These guys will help you!

HomeWorld motherboard

One of the largest motherboard sites with a huge database.

Data and more

WebHQ is a treasure trove of motherboard information for older motherboards.


Great site for BIOS zip codes and other BIOS information.

Electric shock

Bios Companion editor and other technical information.

Hardware Reference Tables and Sites

Malek Tips Computer and technological assistance. Windows (including Windows XP), DOS, Microsoft Word, Anti-Spyware, Internet Explorer, Email, Internet, Digital Camera, HTML, Buyers Tips, MP3 Players, etc. Free Driver Downloads
Driver Guide Drivers and BIOS are difficult to find for older systems. A meeting place for cool technology enthusiasts. IT support and programming forums.
Homie’s Motherboard Service Repair of motherboard components.
Techspot A good forum for tech support and news.

ECS Motherboard Help and Overclocker Information


USBMan – The Internet’s first USB reference resource


A place to find everything you need to create a bootable floppy when your operating system doesn’t support it!

Windows XP Tips

Tips and tricks for Microsoft operating systems, including XP, 2000, NT, 98 and higher.

computer mechanic

What he says. Listen!

Ninja pickups

Take your Athlon processor to the limit and surpass it


Consolidated Thermal Solutions and Designs for Advanced Processors

Peter J. Fetean, OOO

Laptop CD with 44-pin connectors. Call them, because not everything is listed on the site.

1. Memory numbering

Where BadFlash buys memory. They tell you what you need.

Do you have a dll error on your computer? Maybe these guys can help you.

Jan Steunebrink

This is a respected site. Lots of help including pirated BIOS files for some motherboards to support large drives and K6-2 + and K6-III +.

Discount store for computers and digital devices in Australia

Network / Internet support


Where Badflash is hosted and for good reason.

Links to I-Appliance and Hacker sites

I’m a BBS device

BBS dedicated to hacking Internet devices

I-Opener extension

Very good I / O conversion / repair tutorial page

Target PC

I / O check. Nice overview on how the guy changed his I / O.

How to hack consumer electronics to improve it.


Hack your ePods internet device


Affordable Infinite Lights CR2032 Batteries